Valentino Libro designer pizza

collaboraconvalentino 1 300x300Valentino Libro designer pizza. Pizza turned into a work of art. Designer pizza is Valentino Libro’s last idea. “Customers look for an unicum, the already seen it’s not enough for them and they ask for an innovation that goes well with my pizzas, all of them made of high quality ingredients – explains Valentino Libro-. We can’t forget that it’s fundamental to season pizza with fresh basil and organic farming extra- virgin olive oil. Signing pizza means not only starting a new tendency but also connecting my creations to made in Italy products, too often imitated and forged in every corner of the world”.

This way, signing pizza becomes an opportunity to preserve quality of local gastronomic excellences. “In tourist markets doesn’t win who chase, but the one who invents ‘the new’ – says Libro- and who can rethink in an innovative way his products. Signing pizza with my initials is a guarantee certificate and quality of every single product such as: fresh tomatoes or San Marzano peeled tomatoes, ‘Mozzarella di Bufala Campana AOP’, extra- virgin olive oil, oregano and fresh basil. Campania products, that will always be the best in the world. More and more often, tourists receive appealing offers that make promises of quality they don’t keep. With my signature I’d like to invite people to learn more about Campania food and wine tradition and its high quality products”.

SOURCE: Repubblica