Dissapore.com: Naples’ problems with pizza is Caserta

RECORD VALENTINOOnce upon a time there was a territory, a huge territory, named Work Land. Before it was Campania Felix: lower Lazio, Molise and a big Campania area.

As someone said, when you enter you can see some buffalo herds and tomato plants. It’s a rich and fertile land. Mozzarella too has an heavier and savourier taste here. For some time already, in this Work Land, especially in Caserta, we have heard about pizza, an extraordinary pizza.

Sometimes we should thank pizza makers because they give us the chance to speak well of a territory that often makes the headlines with other issues.

Caserta has proved it isn’t inferior to its big sister Naples : the last Italian Pizzeria Guide of Gambero Rosso added a new entry, awarded with Tre Spicchi, the title of better emerging pizza maker and several spicchi up to Lazio.

But how is this pizza of Caserta, otherwise known by the experts “new Neapolitan pizza”, made? First of all, it’s hydrated: it reaches a maximum of 80% of hydration, allowing a quite simple manipulation of the dough. The raised rim is pronounced, think of the hashatgs “canotto” (dinghy) or “gommone” (rubber boat).

The result is a soft and buttery dough, but not pliable, with pizzas smaller in diameter than a ‘wheel of a cart’ in the historical centre of Naples. And there is a careful selection of ingredients, starting from flours: some people choose reliable Caputo, others search for old wheat grains and local final products.

And, most of all, pizza makers from Caserta have realized the importance of the web and of being a public figure: in the same way as chefs, you don’t go to a pizzeria by chance but for its pizza maker, an hitmaker thanks to videos, posts, lustful photos of carbohydrated sins, and the massacre of the web.

Among them stands out Valentino Libro, a Neapolitan in Caserta: these places tells everything one needs to know about Valentino Libro as a man and as a professional. He is the most Turk- Neapolitan pizza maker: he trained in the Neapolitan hinterland and, after paying his dues, he moved to Istanbul, where he learned to recognize the different versions of Neapolitan pizza abroad.

The careful selection of products allowed him to develop a personal style and expertise in the field. But the turning point was Caputo Trophy: Valentino, world pizza champion, starts to travel and to broaden his knowledge. Economic knowledge, because Valentino Libro, probably, is the more entrepreneurial pizza maker than everyone else. Libro’s 33, his creature in just 10 months has become an established reality and has already won a Spicchio of Gambero Rosso. A modern pizzeria, decorated with shades of white and two ovens with double silvery plated cylinders designed by him. For young Valentino, award- winning despite being only 30, this is only the beginning: he is ready to open new businesses and not only in Aversa.

Because the customer must feel he is staying in a nice place, as Valentino says. And he knows exactly what to do: he personally manages his fanpages on socials, and he can express himself, his philosophy and product better than any other media expert. His pizza is a Neapolitan pizza with a hint of Work Land: it doesn’t have a raised rim as pronounced as the ones of his colleagues, but rather a finer dough, but he is obsessive in the selection of products and in the perfect match as the pizza maker from Caserta. In addition, he studies the seasoning in collaboration with nutrition experts, in order to guarantee a balanced caloric intake and all the necessary information for a proper consume of pizza (the average calorie intake indicated on the menu is 1300 calories per pizza).

Source: http://www.dissapore.com