Gianluca Di Gennaro, protagonist of the short film dedicated to Valentino Libro

After shooting Gramigna, in Aversa, the actor Gianluca Di Gennaro returned to the norman city to play the role of the world pizza champion, Valentino Libro, in a short film produced by Resilienza Production, an independent film production company born few months after its twin, Klanmovie Production.

Known to the public thanks to successful fiction as: L’oro di Scampia, with Beppe Fiorello, ‘O professore, with Sergio Castellitto, Il coraggio di Angela, with Lunetta Savino, Come un delfino, with Raoul Bova and the famous Sky serie Gomorra. But his career started at the age of 11 with Certi Bambini and other movies as Lo chiamavano Jeeg robot, awarded with several prizes, and the already mentioned Gramigna, produced by Klanmovie Production.

Shooting will start in Aversa, in Valentino Libro’s pizzeria, on March 15. Other scenes will be shooted in Naples. Valentino Libro, talented Neapolitan pizza maker, represents with his experience the bright side of a difficult city, often denigrated. The short tells the story of a boy from the outskirts that with his own strength challenges and wins against pizza makers from all over the world. At the age of thirteen he found out his passion for the most famous Neapolitan dish when he started to work in common local pizzerias. Fascinated by old pizza recipes he soon decided to pursue this career and from that moment on his art came to life. So, after long afternoons spent in the most famous Neapolitan pizzerias in order to learn the art of making pizza, his dream came true in 2004, when he opened his first pizzeria, “Capoverde”, thanks to the help of his father. Anyway, this experiment lasted a short time because Valentino wanted to learn more about pizza making. That’s why, in the meantime, he continued to improve his culinary skills. He has been a member of APN, an association of Neapolitan pizza makers, for several years. He also gained experience abroad when he moved to Istanbul in 2011, where he worked in an Italian restaurant, “Fumo” by Fabrizio Lorenzini. Here Valentino improved his culinary skills and his knowledge of both English and Turkish, and met with different cultures.

In 2014 Valentino became the best pizza maker in the world winning the world championship!