Copy of Le ricette di Valentino: la pizza fritta!

Valentino Libro is a world pizza champion. He won 2014 Caputo Thophy and one year ago he opened his first restaurant in Aversa, in the province of Caserta, Libro’s. A success. As everything he does. Especially pizzas. If you think you know how to make a margherita or a capricciosa you have no idea. With his hands it is completely different.

But Valentino Libro has done more because he gave to Panorama d’Italia the “fried pizza with ciccioli and ricotta”. Real poetry on the date with showcooking, during the Panorama d’Italia’s stop at Salerno.


  • 1liter of water
  • 1,kg of flour
  • 55 g of salt
  • 2 g of brewer’s yeast 30 hour dough rising process and maturation
  • 80 g of ricotta
  • 80 g of ciccioli
  • 70 g of provola di Agerola
  • 1 pinch of pepper and a bit of tomato Fresh basil


Very little of yeast and a long dough rising process are the main rules for a perfect pizza. “at home- says the chef- you can use 600 g of water, 1 kg of flour and 2 g of brewer’s yeast. The dough prepared in the morning will be ready for dinner. During summer you must use little water, during winter a little more. The perfect time for a correct rising process is 24 hours. Keep it in the fridge”. The dough must be worked for a long time and correctly. Roll it out and fill it with ricotta, some provola and ciccioli. Then fold it, seal the edges and “caress it with oil” transferring it in the boiling liquid, between 160- 180 degrees. When the crust is golden brown, dry it and serve it hot. Enjoy it! SOURCE: Panorama